Stories of Change: The past, present and future of energy

Derby Silk Mill – Museum of Making. Photo: Renata Tyszczuk.

Derby Silk Mill – Museum of Making. Photo: Renata Tyszczuk.

Stories of Change: Partners and Acknowledgments

The Stories of Change project has been built with the support of a very wide range of partners. Our thanks are due to:

Demanding Times - Story 1

  • Prof. Joe Smith, The Open University’s Geography Department
  • The Energy Institute,External Affairs Director; Nick Turton
  • The GLA’s Peer Outreach Team
    • Rebecca Palmer, Education and Youth Team, GLA
    • Antara Amin, Benita Dafe, John Fawsitt , Derreem Huggins, Alfie Kingsnorth, Natalie Lee, Junior Machado, Mark Mouna, Sandra Nakigagga, Josh Pugh, Freya Rawling, Ebenezer Sogunro
  • fanSHEN theatre - Shireen Mula, Clare Dunn
  • Climate News Network (CNN)
  • Ashden (formerly The Ashden Awards)
  • Roger Harrabin, BBC Environment Analyst
  • Dr Luke Dickens, King’s College London
  • Interviewees Richard Black, Fiona Booth, Tom Chivers, Millie Darling, Leonie Greene, Roger Harrabin, Harry Kennard, Agamemnon Otero, Walt Patterson, Matthew Pencharz, Pip Roddis, David Wagstaff, Liz Warren
  • Tim Mitchell, photographer

Future Works - Story 2

Everyday Lives - Story 3






Artist Workshop

The Stories of Change Project

The project is being led by Prof. Joe Smith of The Open University’s Geography Department. Joe is also leading Story 1 ‘Demanding Times’. Renata Tyszczuk of the University of Sheffield School of Architecture leads Story 2 ‘Future Works’.

The team also includes Rosie Day (University of Birmingham, geography), Axel Goodbody (University of Bath, literature), Bradon Smith (University of Bath/The Open University, literature), Julia Udall (University of Sheffield, architecture), Nicola Whyte (University of Exeter, history) Zdenek Zdrahal and team (Open University Knowledge Media Institute) and our core-team arts organisation partners Peter Gingold (Tipping Point) and Yvette Vaughan-Jones (Visiting Arts).