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Demanding Times Library item 26 May 2017

Interview with James Smith

James Smith. Photograph: Tim Mitchell.

James Smith. Photograph: Tim Mitchell.

Stories of Change caught up with James Smith, Chair of The Carbon Trust , and formerly Chairman of Shell UK, at the Energy Institute’s annual International Petroleum Week conference. Amongst other things, James tells us about what he sees as a need for an 'energy architect'.

Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s environment analyst, began by asking a question drawn from those posed by experts and publics in our previous Photobooth projects.

As well as urging that we ‘put a price on carbon’, James Smith argues that there is a good case for an ‘energy architect’ for the UK – an institution that can think long-term about the big infrastructural changes that will be needed in the energy sector.

He goes on to talk about China, carbon capture and storage, current UK energy policy, how to finance big energy infrastructure, and the scale of the challenge we face.

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