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Ryan Bramley Library item 19 Jan 2018

Trouble and Strife

Photo Credit: Tim Mitchell

Photo Credit: Tim Mitchell

By Martyn Jones.

Stanley: Look at this bill. How have we used this much electricity?

Jules: Oh! You’re talking to me now, then.

Stanley: What are you on about?

Jules: That’s nice isn’t it? You don’t talk to me for weeks and then when you do, you Insult me.

Stanley: Never mind that. I want to know why this bill is so big.

Jules: That just goes to show how much you take me for granted.

Stanley: I wish I could make sense of you.

Jules: Let me explain then. I do all your cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing and not a word of thanks in return. You don’t even give me a second thought do you?

Stanley: Well, I err . . .

Jules: No you don’t. In fact the only time that you think about me is when you get my Bill. Then you go into a panic and neglect me even further.

Stanley: I don’t know how you can say that.

Jules: Now you have read that bill, you’ll be off to see your other women this afternoon. While you are at the cinema or in a restaurant enjoying yourself, I will
be left here without any heat or light. I won’t even be able to switch the telly on
to watch The Chase.

Stanley: There is no pleasing you. While I am out of the house I am saving you work. I thought you would like that.

Jules: Well I don’t and to prove it I am leaving you.

The lights go out and Stanley frantically searches through the kitchen drawers trying to find a new fuse.

Martyn is the co-ordinator of the Barnsley & District U3A (University of the Third Age) Creative Writing Group. Their page can be found here:

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