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The Friends of Jules Library item 24 Jun 2017

'I'll miss the inseparable us'

"I'm not usually so trusting. But with you, well..."

"I'm not usually so trusting. But with you, well..."

Truth is, I can't imagine my life without you. I am very lucky to have known you my entire life. I've never had to worry about you not showing up when I needed you. I've never had to wonder where you were. You were always just here, and I never thought much of it. I'm not usually so trusting. But with you, well, I've never had to doubt you. You've always been reliable and never worth second-guessing.

You might be wondering why I'm telling you all of this. You see, lately, some of my other friends have voiced concerns about you. They're afraid you're getting old and that our relationship either won't last or won't remain the same. And I think they might be right. I mean there's no denying that my family and I rely on you for a whole lot. We expect a lot from you and maybe that's unhealthy. Maybe it's time we make a change. You deserve it. I've been naive enough to assume that life will always be as it has been. But recently, I've been spending more time with some new friends and they've encouraged me to look at the world differently. They've taught me that change is good. In fact, change is necessary. I will, of course, miss you though, Jules. I'll miss the inseparable us. I hope you know that I'll never forget everything you've done for me and everyone else you've known. I also hope you see where I'm coming from with my letter today. I hope you see why you and I both play important roles in bringing change to life.

Take care.

– Sophie

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