Stories of Change: The past, present and future of energy

Blog 03 May 2016

Windywhirly Things book nominated for an Arts and Green Energy Award

Windywhirly Things book launch

We're proud to announce that Windywhirly Things has been nominated for an .

is a poet, creative writing teacher and community energy supporter. She was commissioned by the University of South Wales, as part of the Stories of Change project to engage the small community of Tairgwaith in South West Wales in creative writing activity to explore issues of shifts in energy consumption and production.

Working closely with the research team at the University of South Wales, Emily delivered a range of creative workshops at the local community centre, attracting people who had never written anything before and sparking a wide interest in the issues around energy.

The sessions enabled local people to share stories and write about their experiences, thoughts and feelings related to the impact of energy shifts on themselves, their families and their local community. The writing produced was published in an anthology: Windywhirly Things, which was distributed throughout the village and has been taken across Wales, the UK and beyond as part of Stories of Change. A very well attended community event was held to launch the book, where workshop participants read extracts of their work to a very engaged audience.