Stories of Change: The past, present and future of energy

Future Works Library item 24 May 2017

Scenario Games with University Technical College Sheffield

Julia Udall

Julia Udall

Students from University Technical College Sheffield worked with researchers from Stories of Change to develop scenarios about the future of energy and manufacturing in the region. Drawing on their knowledge of manufacturing and their personal experiences and histories they mapped imaginings, speculations and possibilities...

The map grew and conversation flowed.

The students were offered a pack of cards- each with a role associated with energy and manufacturing in the region… they included a Little Mester, a Research & Development manager, an Apprentice, a Robot, a Tutor, a mechanic...

On this occasion the first group told complex and intertwined stories that included speculation about mass-automation and an emerging 'Robotopia' in Chesterfield leading to the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Robots. The second group predicted a proliferation of University Technical Colleges, each with a different specialism to up-skill the population to respond to future challenges. They were each powered by an array of renewable energy sources energising the emerging ‘University Technical Land’. Robots Moles and 3-D printed landscapes investigated and supported new energy forms.

The students' imagination and local knowledge enabled fantastical speculation that was also situated and nuanced...

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