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Alternative Ways to Approach Climate Change

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There are a lot of views and takes on climate change. One view is that it overshadows equally important environmental issues such as loss of top soil or air polution. There are also different ways proposed to mitigate climate change, some of which are mainstream but others ignored by the media. You can have a voice here and use this page to explore your take on climate change, as well as look at other people's take.

Saving energy is in fashion - Sustainable Fashion

Dylis Williams

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Why fashion and energy?

I’m Dylis Williams, I run the Centre for Sustainable Fashion which is based at the University of the Arts in London. What has brought me here, people wonder why I talk about fashion and energy, what has brought me here is this idea of fashion being a great social energy. It’s something that involves each of us, our own personal space, and also it’s a ubiquitous thing around the world. The ideas of fashion and energy have been very dominated by talk about materials and the embedded energy in materials and artefacts, but what brings me here is thi... Read More ›

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