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How to Make Your Own Story

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Keys by Chris Bonfiglioli.

Welcome to the Stories of Change Platform. Here you can tell your stories relating to the Past, Present and Future of Energy. You can mix and match and use any of the content already on the platform and upload and add your own content.

What is content? It can be a piece of text, a document (eg pdf), a video, a sound file (eg mp3) or an image. You can use the platform to write about what you care about and then share it with the world. Each content item can contain only one type of content - a collection of images, a hosted video, audio, document or text. You can make stories with content already on the platform but if you want to use your own content, start by uploading your content items.

Have a look at the stories already on the platform for ideas.

So you want to know how to do this?

A. Add some content here:

B. Add a story here:

C. Add some content from the library or your content to your story by pressing the + button on the content page. That's how I added the image below of my drawing of media types. Pick the story you want to add the content to.

Repeat steps A, B and C as many times as you wish until you have chosen the content you want and put it together into the story you want to tell.

Have a look here: for more help.

You can only add One Media/Link or One Article or (An article can contain mixed content, images video links and so on.) One Document or One or a sequence of images.

Note: Make sure the material you upload is ok as far as copyright goes, either because you own it, because it is creative commons copyright and you are allowed to use it for educational purposes, or because you have cleared it with the copyright owner. If attribution is needed then give it. This is your responsibility.

DIY Story

Your story is open ended... Just add more content and add it into your story.

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